Reasons You’ll Love the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

Reasons You’ll Love the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

Samsung has released yet another rugged version of their flagship phone. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Active is ostensibly designed for the active types, but it might actually be a good phone for an everyday commuter and even business people.

With active, you’ll get waterproofing, dust proofing and plenty of grip. And depending on what you choose, you may also get some with camouflage. So what’s in it for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active and how is it different from the S6? Here are the reasons you’ll love the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active.


Galaxy S6 Active

The S6 Active is powered by an octacore processor with 1.5Ghz quad-core Cortex-A53 and 2.1 a quad-core Cortext A57 processor. The S6 and S6 Active has generally identical performance except for the Samsung’s slimmed down TouchWiz skinning running on top of Android 5.0.

In terms of design, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active won’t be a show stopper. The design is more on the practical side than the for display. The S6 Active is also a bit larger than the S6 active. Despite that marginal difference, the S6 and S6 active feels like they are in completely different classes.

S6 Active’s display is a 5.1 inch display with Quad HD Super Amoled in 2,560 x 1440p resolution. Internal storage is 32GB and sadly like the S6, this isn’t expandable. Front camera is 5MP while the rear camera is 16MP.

Samsung Galaxy S6 is dustproof, shock and water resistant with IP68 rating. This is the military standard for shock, water and dust resistance and it is able to withstand shock, vibration, extreme temperature, and high altitudes. It is submersible for 1.5 up to 30 minutes and is shock-resistant when dropped from less than 4 feet in height.

The battery is larger than the Samsung Galaxy S6. The S6 Active boasts a massive 3,500mAh capacity inside and is said to last for 15-20 hours on a single charge.

Water Resistant and Shock Proof

Since Galaxy S6 is all glass and metal, you don’t want to get it wet. The S6 Active on the other hand, can be submerged for up to 30 minutes in a depth of 1.5 meters. It can also withstand a drop without worry.

Try that on your Galaxy S6 and you’ll end up having a shattered phone. The S6 Active keeps your phone waterproof and free from dust all without having to make it look too bulky and without those annoying port covers.

3,500 MAh Battery

The S6 Active is a beast. Unlike the S6 that only has 2,550mAh, the S6 Active comes with a beefy 3,500mAh capacity. Take this phone with you for an entire day without having to worry if you’ve brought a charger with you.

At the end of the day, you’ll still have a few left even during heavy use. Like the S6, it also has fast charging features and you can charge it wirelessly using Qi compatible chargers.

All Plastic Construction

If you hate how fragile the S6 is, then you’ll love what S6 active is in store for you. The S6 Active is made of all plastic parts. And yes, the reinforced metal-like part you see at the back of the phone is just reinforced plastic. While it may look cheap to most, the plastic construction makes this phone more durable than the S6 and the S6 Edge.

Doesn’t Heat Up

One issue faced with glass and metal construction from the S6 and S6 Edge is that it tends to heat up quick specially when the phone is ran under heavy and hardware-extensive tasks. Due to the all plastic construction of the S6 Active, the phone stays cool.

So, whether you are playing games, watching video or browsing the web, you won’t have any problem with the phone’s temperature.

Costs only $10 more than the Samsung Galaxy S6

When the S6 Active was released, we expect a heftier price tag. However, you’ll be glad to know that S6 Active with the water resistance and shock proof capabilities will only cost $10 more than the Samsung Galaxy S6.

So why spend a hundred bucks on a rugged case for your Galaxy S6 when you only need $10 for a rugged version of the S6?

An Extra Shortcut Button

Aside from the two buttons alongside the home button of the S6 Active, it also comes with an extra shortcut button right on top of the volume rocker. This shortcut button when pressed runs Samsung’s Activity app, but it can be reprogrammed to launch a specific App. Use that to open your favorite music player with a long press and launch another app with a single press.

The Drawbacks

Not all phones are perfect, so here are some of the things that will leer you off the S6 Active.

Available only in 32GB version

The S6 and S6 Edge can bought in 32, 64 and 128GB version. The S6 Active, on the other hand, only comes with 32GB. It doesn’t have an expansion slot so if you like to store everything in your phone then you wouldn’t enjoy the small space available in the Active.

No fingerprint scanner

Now that fingerprint scanning is one of the most requested addition in phones, you’ll feel left out with S6 Active. So why didn’t they include a fingerprint scanner in S6 Active? It could be the plastic, the thickness of the phone, or it could be that it would affect the phone’s waterproofing and dustproofing capabilities.

Regardless, if you have grown to love the fingerprint scanner feature in phones then this phone won’t work for you especially when Samsung Pay launches.

It’s Ugly

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Active isn’t your typical “show-off” phone. The Active is more on the practical side of things than on the aesthetics of it. Not everyone will love the

the look of the S6 Active, but hey who would use that for display anyway.

There’s basically a specific target market for the S6 Active and if you don’t like the looks, then you aren’t their target market.

Only for AT&T

The biggest drawback for the S6 active is that the phone is only available only through AT&T. So, if you are from a different carrier, you’re out of luck since S6 Active won’t be available in other networks.

Also, since AT&T is in the US, expect that there won’t be any international versions of the phone.


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